Building Utility Systems (MEP, Alternative Systems)

RCG provides necessary structural engineering services to assist our clients in projects which enable commercial, industrial and institutional customers to use less energy and reduce cost.  These projects have the added benefits of helping the environment and providing more reliable power.  Many forms of infrastructure improvements can be undertaken such as the installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment (e.g. cooling towers, chillers and boilers), cogeneration plants, fuel cells, photovoltaic panels and solar cogeneration systems that produce both electricity and hot water (Cogenra Solar).

Typical structural engineering tasks for building utility equipment and solar panel installations are as follows:

Building Utility Equipment

  • Support and anchorage design including anchorage for seismic and wind loads
  • Evaluation/strengthening of floor/roof structure for gravity, wind & seismic loads
  • Equipment foundations and pads
  • Utility piping support and bracing
  • Raised platforms, access walkways, stairs and guardrails

Photovoltaic Panels

  • Layout design for vendor-supplied support frames tailored to ground or roof mount
  • Support frame and foundation design for ground mount installations
  • Racking system design for roof mount solar panels, both fixed and tracking
  • Evaluation/strengthening of existing roof structure for gravity & wind loads
  • Inverter and Electrical Panel Foundations and Enclosures

Solar panels

One Market Cooling Towers