Cogenra Solar

project description
Cogenra Solar is a manufacturer of a solar cogeneration system that produces both solar hot water and low-cost electricity in a single module. It utilizes concentrating optics, single-axis tracking and an innovative thermal transfer system in an integrated hybrid receiver. RCG, working together with Cogenra, developed a steel racking system to efficiently support the solar arrays on a multitude of roof structures – wood (both panelized & joist wood frame), concrete (cast-in-place) and steel (both structural steel framed and standing seam metal roof over girt and steel frame). Services include preliminary layout designs for construction cost estimating, computation of wind and gravity loads to racking system and roof, design of racking system framing and connections, analyses of roof structure to support racking system, development of racking system construction documents, assistance to client during plan check for construction permit, and construction administration services during installation.

Recent Cogenra Solar racking system design projects include General Hydroponics (Santa Rosa, CA), US Naval Base (Port Hueneme, CA), Google (Mountain View, CA), Kendall Jackson Winery (Windsor, CA), Dutton Laundry (Santa Rosa, CA), Clover Stornetta (Petaluma), Facebook Campus (Menlo Park, CA), The Quad Student Housing (San Marcos, CA), and University of Arizona.
property owner
completion date
2011 thru 2012