Commercial and Retail

RCG has wide ranging experience in providing structural engineering design services for commercial and retail building projects including  restaurants, bakeries, cafés, retail stores and centers, markets, and banking.

Restaurants, cafe’s and bakeries require extensive HVAC and plumbing services, including exhaust hoods and fans, floor sinks, grease traps, and walk-in refrigeration and freezer compartments.   Tenant improvements at retail businesses often include new storefronts and display and storage areas subject to heavy floor loading for merchandise.  Banks typically include fortified construction for safes and lock boxes, glass enclosed meeting rooms, and associated office tenant improvements.

Representative Projects

Bank of The West Wealth Management, 555 Market, SF, CA
Capital One Cafe – Walnut Creek
Chipotle Restaurant, 232 O’Farrell St., SF, CA
New Resource Bank, 405 Howard St., SF, CA
Peets Coffee & Tea, 405 Howard St., SF, CA