Alexandria, 1500 Owens St, SF

project description
The new 6-story, 162,000 sf biotechnology research building is located in Mission Bay, Block 43 Parcel 5. The building structure is steel-frame with floors constructed with concrete-filled metal deck except at the Ground Level where the floor slab is supported by grade beams spanning between pile caps. Special floor deflection studies were necessary to meet stringent deflection criteria for a research facility. A deep foundation system consisting of driven precast concrete piles was designed to provide necessary building support since the site is underlain by Bay Mud. The lateral force resisting system includes both eccentric braced frames and moment resisting frames which drive lateral forces to the supported slab, grade beam and pile system. (Note: RCG was a structural subconsultant to Dasse Design and was responsible for the design of all gravity load carrying elements, the deep foundation system for both gravity and seismic loads, cladding support, stairs and elevators).
property owner
Alexandria Properties
completion date