San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – 1508 Bancroft Street, SF

project description
The SFMTA had a lease and option to purchase 1508 Bancroft Avenue in San Francisco for their street signage manufacturing and warehousing operations. The building, designed in 1999, is a two story warehouse with a gross floor area of approximately 90,000 square feet. SFMTA engaged Rivera Consulting Group to conduct a structural assessment of the building to determine whether it was adequate to support all proposed operations including equipment, stored supplies and other material. Forklift operations were also planned for both floor levels.

RCG’s work scope included a review of SFMTA’s layout drawings for their operations, review of manufacturing equipment configuration and specifications, review of available construction drawings and soils report for the building, site visits to confirm construction features, and detailed floor analyses to determine adequacy of the floor structures at both the First and 2nd Floors. The structural steel building is in a soft soils site and supported by a post-tensioned mat foundation. RCG analyzed the 2nd Floor beams, girders and concrete-filled metal deck for worst case loadings including forklift loads and determined that the raised floor structure was adequate to support all proposed operations. Additionally, RCG analyzed the Ground Floor mat slab and concluded that the mat was adequate to support all racks and forklift operations. A final report was issued summarizing all conclusions.
property owner
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – SFMTA
completion date
June 2011