Hunters View Redevelopment Phase 2, Block 7 – San Francisco

project description
Block 7 consists of four new multi-family buildings totaling 78,535 gsf on a single lot: Building “A”, a 4 story, 28-unit apartment building over a reinforced concrete podium; Building “B”, a 3 story 7-unit row house apartment building; Building “C”, a 3 story 8-unit row house apartment building; and Building “D”, a 3 story 7-unit row house apartment building. The buildings are type VA wood-framed construction; the Building “A” podium which provides parking for residents is type 1A construction.

Due to the sloping site, the structural design required retaining walls and stepped foundations. The podium is a post-tensioned concrete slab supported by reinforced concrete walls and columns. Roof construction consists of plywood sheathing over manufactured wood roof trusses with sloped top chords to achieve necessary roof drainage while maintaining a level ceiling. Floors are constructed with plywood sheathing over joists. The lateral force resisting system consists of the plywood-sheathed floors serving as diaphragms spanning between plywood-sheathed shear walls. Bridges between buildings were also included in this design.

Rivera Consulting Group is a sub-consultant to KPFF Structural Engineers. RCG’s responsibilities included complete vertical and lateral structural design except the post-tensioned slab for the Building “A” podium.
property owner
Hunter’s View Associates, LP / The Mayor’s Office of Housing and the San Francisco Housing Authority
Paulett Taggart Architects / David Baker Architects, A Joint Venture
completion date
2016 (est.)